Newsletter publisher: Cassy Petsos (288-0955)

Publisher activities:

  • Receiver of submitted "print ready" articles for the CRIER newsletter.
  • Layout Coordinator for the BNA CRIER newsletter.
  • Overseeing printing through local Printer.
  • Collating and packaging the CRIER for distribution.

FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions regarding the BNA newsletter:

Q. How frequently in the Newsletter produced?
A. Approximately 6 times a year, usually bimonthly

Q. What are the deadlines to submit articles?
A. They change according to when the newsletter must be sent out to inform neighbors of BNA events, and are determined at board meetings when the events are discussed. The deadline for the next issue is today. If you have something you would like to submit send it back directly as I am starting to format the newsletter. Please identify yourself and where you live.

Q. What types of articles do you want?
A. Items of interest from neighborhood residents pertaining to the neighborhood, its residents or the school (streets east of Winton Rd, north of Blossom Rd, south of Elmcroft Rd, and west of the expressway.) Usually these include issues/activities the BNA is engaged in, scheduled events, neighborhood history. However, human interest stories would be considered, as well No advertisements are accepted. This type of newsletter is generally 6 pages, 8 pages max.

Q. How does a person submit an articles for publication consideration?
A. Send them to the website contact and they will be forwarded to me or whomever is putting the newsletter together.

Q. How frequently does the "Newsletter committee meet"?
A. There is no newsletter committee.

Cassy Petsos
Newsletter publisher