The BROWNCROFT COMMUNITY is situated on the eastern edge of the City of Rochester, New York near Route 590 at Exit 7 and is home to 672 households in a residential environment adjacent to the North Winton Road business district. (View BNA Map.) Over 400 of these homes are part of the Browncroft Historic District and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The area was annexed from neighboring Brighton in 1914. Through the late 1880's till the mid 1910's, the area was the property of the Brown Brothers Nursery and flourished as one of the prime nursery sites in the Flower City. Browncroft Reality Co. developed the area from 1915 through 1930 into beautiful housing sites utilizing many of the existing ornamental trees grown on the nursery grounds, many of them still stand today.

The BROWNCROFT COMMUNITY has a neighborhood elementary Public School, #46 (K-6), at its hub on Newcastle Road; an excellent school with neighbors and parents deeply involved in maintaining the high quality of education. The School grounds provide ample area for recreation with soccer ball diamonds, a tennis court, basketball court, and a modern children's playground. There are numerous churches within and adjacent to the area. we are serviced by 2 bus routes: (#8) East Main to Downtown and (#18/19) University bus routes to U of R and Strong Hospital. We have two adjacent interchanges with Route 590 Expressway making it convenient to anywhere in Monroe County.

The BROWNCROFT COMMUNITY has in its heart its own Rose Garden, a dedicated City Park, located at Browncroft and Merchants Road. It contains over 300 Rose Bushes and other floral arrangements, benches, and trees cared for in large part by the surrounding neighbors. In early summer under full bloom this patch of colors is a welcome sight to those both in the community and those entering the city along Browncroft Blvd.

The BROWNCROFT COMMUNITY is adjacent to the North Winton Road business area consisting of small stores, shopping centers, a branch Public Library, Grocery Stores, restaurants, Post Office, and a short walk away from such neighboring light industry complexes and larger employers such as Harris Communications.

The BROWNCROFT COMMUNITY is active today in maintaining and improving our neighborhood through the Browncroft Neighborhood Association (BNA). BNA was founded in 1973 and presently has over 300 paid Annual Household Memberships. BNA sponsors many events for the community such as Summer Family Picnic, Winter Gathering Buffet, Biennial Area wide Garage Sales, an Annual Meeting and numerous General Meetings keynoted by invited speakers of interest to the community. BNA has active committees on Zoning, Beautification, Browncroft CRIER Newsletter (bimonthly to your door), Neighborhood Watch, School #46, and History.

The BROWNCROFT COMMUNITY is alive and waiting for you to come and join us!


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