Chair: Cassy Petsos (288-0955)

Rose Garden Fall Clean Up Work Date:

Anyone wishing to work during the week can do so. The program is to prune the rose bushes down to 22" high and remove any obvious dead wood. Fussy pruning is not necessary. The purpose is to prevent the bushes from catching the wind & getting rocked in place. That is bad because the wind movement opens the ground around the base and allows freezing deep into the roots.

A minimum of 10 people for 2 hours each are needed. Please RSVP to Cassy Pestos at 288-0955 if you are able to help out. No previous experience needed -- will train on the job.

Cassy Petsos

Committee Activities:

  • Care and feeding of the Rose Garden City Park (located at Merchants and Browncroft).
  • Coordinating work crews and assignments for the Rose Garden.
  • Short and long term Vision Planning for the Rose Garden.