The "Write Track" - Student Magazine - 4th Grade

The Write Track is a monthly magazine featuring the unique writing talents of eight fourth grade boys at School 46.

from the principal
Sharon Delly
The “Write Track” Magazine began with an idea from Dr. Peter Burch, which he shared with me on a sunny morning in August. Mr. Burch is a parent of two fourth grade students at School 46, Devonte and Ashley. He wanted to offer students an extended learning opportunity to support reading and writing and decided to work with fourth grade students. Can you guess why he wanted to work with fourth grade students? His idea of starting a writing group with the end goal of publishing and circulating a monthly magazine in which our students would generate the topics, write the articles and publish their work became a reality in September. Mr. Burch and eight fourth grade students meet twice a week, eat lunch together and work on publishing articles for the magazine. We certainly appreciate his dedication to our students and thank him for volunteering his time and talents. I know you will enjoy this first edition as well as the ones to follow.

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