Bylaws of the BNA as amended need to be approved at the Annual Membership Meeting 5/26/22


At a meeting of the Board of Directors held April 12, 2022 the following resolution was proposed and approved by the Board of Directors, in the manner required by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Browncroft Neighborhood Association (BNA).

Be it Resolved: that the Bylaws of the BNA are amended according to the following proposed changes (for full text see attached Bylaws as amended):

  • Article I, Section 1. Membership is open to residents only (added) of the neighborhood.
  • Article II, Section 1. Membership dues are updated to $10, and a section is hereby added (section 4) to give the Board the authority to change them as needed or appropriate.
  •  Article III, Sections 1, 2, 3, and 4. Meeting notice advances were simplified from “7 to 15” to “a minimum of 7”.
  • Article III, Section 3. If members petition (15 names required) for a special membership meeting, it has been added that BNA would notice the membership of the meeting.
  •  Article III, section 5 added to allow for electronic notices and virtual meetings
  • Article V, “Duties of Officers and Street Reps” – Section 7 added to provide the Board with the power to remove an officer or street rep for failure to perform duties or for actions that undermine the BNA mission.
  • Article VII, Section 3. The Budget and Finance Committee responsibilities section is simplified to represent the procedures practiced.
  • Article VII, Section 4. External committee correspondence, position statements or news releases need approval by the President – added - and by the Board or Executive Committee.
  • Article VII, Section 6. Officers and Directors Liability insurance added.


Therefore with full approval of the Board of Directors, the Bylaws of the Browncroft Neighborhood Association are hereby amended the 12th  day of April, 2022.

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